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Raw Date 2010, 5/26, Wednesday...

Breakfast- 7 Champagne mangoes

Lunch- 24 oz fresh orange juice from Jamba Juice, large Romaine & cucumber salad from Bread Market Cafe

Dinner- 8 Champagne magoes

I heard some news piece on the radio this morning that started me thinking about all of the money that is spent on people who don't take care of themselves.  It doesn't seem fair that people who live reckless lives with regard to their health receive tremendous financial benefits in the form of early retirement, disability retirement and countless dollars to pay for medical treatments that (besides being pointless in the first place) will have no real effect because the person's lifestyle will negate any possibility of real and long term healing.

I would rather the money go to people who can't afford to buy organic fruit and vegetables, or who can't afford to avail themselves of books, classes, fitness training, gym memberships and education on how to achieve and maintain true vibrant health.

With regard to Dr. Douglas Graham'scalendar quote, did you shake your body today?  I shook mine last night with a run when I got home from work.

I'm now out of mangoes!

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