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It really was raw and vegan, I promise...

Food log Saturday, May 20

Breakfast- Coconut water and meat from 1 young coconut, 3 mangos

Lunch- 2 cups fresh pineapple from the cafe at the American Museum of Natural History

Dinner- at Pure Food and Wine: Carob banana smoothie, sushi rolls, lasagna, lime and kiwi tart

Dinner at Pure Food...tasted delicious.  In addition to what I ordered for myself I shared the dinners of others at my table.  I enjoyed my 8 year old cousin Nicholas's lasagna, my cousin Maxie's corn tamale, my Aunt Linda's ice cream sundae, and my cousin Maxie's tiramisu.  Frequently when I write about eating foods with these names I have the urge to exclaim that yes, they are all raw vegan versions of the traditional cooked food items.

Our waiters at Pure Food were terrific.  However, the behind the scenes service was painfully slow! 

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