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Bananas and honey, do they mix...

Breakfast- 6 bananas

Lunch- 1 tablespoon raw wild honey, 6 bananas

Dinner- a salad: Romaine lettuce, sliced red plums, sliced mango, strips of young coconut flesh, and dressing (fresh lime juice, olive oil, fresh ginger, honey, 3-4 grains Celtic salt, black pepper, fresh garlic)

I'm not sure why I wanted the honey at lunch.  I keep a jar of honey in my cupboard and I rarely eat it.  Maybe it was an instinctual urge, I don't know, but I just went with it.  I ate just a spoonful, letting it dissolve in my mouth and then following it with a glass of water.  I wanted more, but I had the bananas waiting.  They were at the perfect stage of ripeness, very sweet but yet still firm.  Late in the afternoon, I was aware of very very mild indigestion; it was almost imperceptible.  It could have been caused by the honey banana mix, I don't know.

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