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Donna Karan's raw food chef is a potion maker extraordinaire...

Breakfast- 2 Didi's carob Fudgies, 3 Raw Revolution bars

Lunch- 4 Medjool dates, a large hand full of celery sticks

Breakfast wasn't pretty; it was raw, but not pretty.  I can so easily take a direction in my food selection and awaaaaayy I go.  It started with dinner Sunday night and then breakfast on Monday; I'll get back on track.  My purpose is to feel good, not to endlessly indulge myself in prepared dehydrated spiced up raw treats.

In South Carolina, there's a new raw restaurant in Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, "Sprout."  The owners learned their trade at Cafe Gratitude in CA and decided to settle in the Charleston area.

Jill Pettijohn is Donna Karan's raw chef.  It was news to me to learn that she also has a raw restaurant in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn.  I'm wary though; Penelope Green writesHer cabinets are stocked with myriad powders and extracts, packaged in jars, bags and little dropper-top bottles, suggesting medicine more than food " and " ...three kinds of salt live in a cabinet to the left of the stove. There’s pink Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt and salt with kelp in it. "  Fact: inorganic crystalized salt kills living cells.  We all have our compromises but this is still a fact.  Salt is not a raw food any more than iron rust is.  I don't want medicines and potions.  I want alive raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, except when I don't!

Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 05:32PM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments2 Comments

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I'm so glad you mentioned The Sprout in Charleston. The City Paper posted your comment on their website so I looked your blog up.

I made the decision to convert my diet to raw foods a couple of months ago but with the intention of making a slow transition. I bought several books on making raw dishes since I've always liked to cook. In the back of a few of those books the authors listed restaurants and stores that support raw food living in various states. I was saddened to see that South Carolina had nothing.

Then, lo, The Sprout sprouted 8-) and I am excited about their opening. I have visited the cafe several times already, trying some of the simpler creations. The last time I was there trying to read and drink my smoothie, a trio of out-of-towners sat beside me having lunch and just loving everything they tried. Believe me, I heard all about it.

I appreciate your reminder that eating raw foods does not have to be time consuming. While I bought a dehydrator and spriralizer, making the time to use them can be difficult. I admit some discouragement lately. I think reading blogs and such like yours will help to remind me why I decided to change my diet in the first place.
June 23, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDonna
Thanks Donna. I'm glad to hear that you've visited The Sprout. I hope to get there when I visit my folks down south! I eaten my fair share of the prepared raw food and enjoyed it. However, the longer I stay raw less appealing it is as regular thing and I feel very satisfied with simple fruit and vegetable meals. I keep it as an option for treating myself every so often.

Discouragement is not uncommon. Don't give up; just keep coming back to raw. It is really an amazing journey. Last night at the Raw Health & Happiness Society meeting I was reminded that food is just just one component of life and being a raw foodist helps me to let more life in.
June 26, 2007 | Registered CommenterStephen Parker

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