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Grapes, yes, again...

Food log for Wednesday…

Breakfast- 2 lbs red seedless grapes

Lunch- a 40 oz. smoothie: strawberries, bananas, dates, vanilla extract (alcohol free), enough water to blend

Dinner- 4 Mexican mangoes, 16 oz green juice (romaine, collard, celery), 6 medium tomatoes sliced and mixed with 1 tbs tahini & 1 tbs almond butter

The grapes were a little too ripe but I ate them anyway, that’s just my way. They would have been better if I had eaten them even just one day earlier. They had lost some sweetness and were beginning to get mushy. The smoothie tasted delicious but I made a mistake, I used conventional strawberries instead of organic. I almost never do this because conventional strawberry production uses a tremendous amount of chemicals. During the afternoon I was aware of a tingling feeling in my skin and I wondered if this was my body’s response to the chemical residue in the strawberries. Dinner was delicious, a great variety.

A big thank you goes out to Harry Bennett, General Manager of Westerly Natural Market for donating some door prizes to give away at the Raw Pot Luck Dinner and a Movie event I’m hosting this Sunday. While I was at Westerly to pick up the gifts from Harry, I decided to do a little food shopping. While I was on the produce aisle, a vibrant friendly young woman walked by and saw me looking at the grapes (of course- I guess this is grape week for me) and she started telling me how delicious the black skinned grapes were. She was so excited to point out the really dark ones that were very sweet when she had eaten them. Of course I had to buy some. It was also fun to see someone other than me get so excited about fruit!
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