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Raw Food is just one factor in feeling terrific...

on Friday, June 29, 2007

Breakfast- 1 small watermelon

Lunch- 3 pints blueberries

Dinner- 6 bananas, 1/2 slice of either yam or pumpkin pie, I've forgotten which

I'm writing this on Saturday morning by the way.  I've been feeling really great as the week has progressed and I attribute it to eating mainly fruits and greens, and very little fatty foods such as nuts.  The only actual nuts I had were the soaked almonds on Thursday night.  I was surprised that they didn't really taste so good to me.  I had soaked 1 ounce and only ate half that amount.  The pie from last night was just a little treat that a friend of mine shared with me.

When I say that I feel good, I mean specifically that I feel a notable boost in my energy level and a sustained up swing in my mood.  I've had a tendency to experience short bouts of depression.  I haven't felt that this week and I've begun to suspect that eating an excess of fatty foods exacerbates that problem for me.  I was really notable that after a couple of days of what I call withdrawal symptoms from the fat my cravings for fatty foods has disipated.  What a relief!  It's not comfortable going around craving something that you know is not good for.

There have been other factors that more than likely have contributed to my increased sense of wellbeing.  For about 3 weeks now I've not turned on the lights in my home after sundown and have not been unnaturally stimulated by artificial lighting at night.  I've also reduced sensory over-stimulation by refraining from listening to radio news, music, and talk - no radio or TV at all.  Regarding printed news and media, I've read very very little.  Finally, I've been spending as much time out of doors as possible letting the sun shine on as much skin as possible when ever possible and I've been allowing sunshine to shine into my eyes by intentionally practicing looking at the early and late sun and for brief moments at other times during the day.

So there, do I feel better just because of reduced fat intake?  The way I've felt the past 5-6 days indicates that that's a big part of it.  However, like natural hygiene teaches, health results from a number of factors, fresh raw food, water, sunshine, air, rest & sleep, emotional poise and exercise.  Leading a balanced healthy life is the key. 

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