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Raw Food log, 8/28/2007...

Breakfast- large serving of tropical fruit tart (prepared on Sunday, 8/26/07)

Lunch- 1/2 cup carob covered raisins, 1 avocado

Dinner- Zucchini pasta and raw "not" meat sauce, 1 large sliced tomato

The Fruit tart tasted better today that it did on Sunday. All of the ingredients and flavors had time to mingle and come together. It was delicious.

Lunch was not great. Even though carob is raw it doesn't work well for me when it's incorporated into some kind of premade packaged confection. Within an hour or so after eating, I felt as if I had rocks in my stomach. Making this choice for lunch is an example of doing something familiar but expecting different results; it never happens.

Once again, the pasta and sauce were delicious. The texture of the Zucchini pasta is just like al dente cooked pasta. It is amazing.

"Delicious", I use that word often. What a great way to live- with delicious raw food meals every day.

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