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Raw Food while I'm away

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

Lunch- 1/2 watermelon

Dinner- a package of Audrey's crackers (I forgot which flavor), "Sushi from Pure Food & Take Away, 1/2 slice "Pizza" from Pure....

Dinner last night and tonight again had salt.  After not eating any added salt for about 2 weeks I am really aware of the effects of eating it.  I feel swollen and puckered!  It sounds worse that it actually is.  But still, the stuff just can't be "good for you" if that's the result.

Tomorrow I leave to go to Yogaville in Virginia for 4 weeks.  I'm enrolled in a 4 week Yoga Teacher Certification intensive course.  The schedule is very demanding and I'll have little access to the internet, if any at all, so I don't know when I'll be able to write here again.

I've spoken to some people there about the food situation and I think I'll be able to get what I need.  It sounds as if there will be a lot of greens and vegetables but possibly limited fruit.  However, someone has already offered to pick some things up for me if needed when she goes to the grocery store.  Isn't that great?  There's always a way and we're always provided for.

I've decided to forego the dormitory and to sleep in my tent.  The natural sounds and fresh air of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia will be a welcome relief from the traffic going down Ninth Avenue throughout the night.  And darkness, real darkness at night, what a treat and relief for the eyes.

Until next time, stay raw! 

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