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Sunflower Power Pate...

Power Pate

- 1 to 2 cups raw organic sunflower seeds (dry or soaked for 2-12 hours first)
- dash of apple cider vinegar
- dash of cold pressed olive oil
- dash of water
- pinch of unrefined sea salt
- 1 handful of fresh dill, - about half a bunch
- 1 leaf of kale, torn into pieces

Process all of the above in a food processor, serve on leafs of butterleaf lettuce or other green leaf, wrap and enjoy!

Raw sunflower seeds are great, but when they are soaked for two or more hours, they are an incredible superfood! I don't think all the supplements in the world could be as powerful as a soaked/germinated sunflower seed! Think what it can grow into if you plant it!

This terrific recipe came from Jinjee at The Garden Diet!

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